Poster Session 1

Salon A/B, Green Acre Campus Pointe (map)

Friday, October 5, 12:45pm – 2:00pm

English vowel reduction is conditioned by duration, not stress
Adam Albright (MIT)

Contrast enhancement and cue trading in Irish consonant articulations
Ryan Bennett, Jaye Padgett, Grant McGuire (UC Santa Cruz), and Máire Ní Chiosáin (UCD)

Underlying vs. derived palatals in Xhosa: Neutralization of an ‘unnatural’ pattern
Aaron Braver (Texas Tech University)

Analyzing Nanjing Tones and Sandhi: statistical modelling methods
Si Chen (The Hong Kong Polytechnic University), Caroline Wiltshire (University of Florida), Bin Li (City University of Hong Kong), & Ratree Wayland (University of Florida)

Native and non-native patterns in conflict: Lexicon vs. grammar in loanword adaptation in Brazilian Portuguese
Natália Brambatti Guzzo (McGill University)

Annotating archival recordings of Hocank (Winnebago)
Nancy Hall, Elica Sue, and Irene Orellana (California State University Long Beach)

Relative clause and downstep in Japanese
Manami Hirayama (Seikei University) and Hyun Kyung Hwang (RIKEN)

Voice Onset Time (VOT) and F0 of (im)plosives in Sindhi and Siraiki
Qandeel Hussain (North Carolina State University, Raleigh)

Articulatory-based subfeatural representations: tongue-tip perturbation made by high vowels
Hayeun Jang (University of Southern California)

Japanese Listeners Are More Likely to Perceive Illusory Vowels in Predictable Contexts
Alexander Kilpatrick (University of Melbourne), Shigeto Kawahara (Keio University), Rikke Bundgaard-Nielsen (Western Sydney University & MARCS Institute for Brain, Behaviour and Development), Brett Baker (University of Melbourne), and Janet Fletcher (University of Melbourne)

Evidence for a pitch accent in Saguenay French
Jeffrey Lamontagne, Morgan Sonderegger, and Heather Goad (McGill University)

Tone-prominence interaction in Hän (Athabaskan)
Blake Lehman (UCLA)

Pitch and vowel duration make schwa invisible to Passamaquoddy stress
Erin Olson (MIT)

Listeners compensate for asymmetric sound change distribution of /s/-retraction in American English
Jacob B. Phillips (University of Chicago)

Phrase-level prosodic smothering: Evidence from Makonde
Nicholas Rolle (University of California, Berkeley / Princeton University) and Larry M. Hyman (University of California, Berkeley)

Effects of following voicing on perceived vowel duration
Chelsea Sanker (Brown University)

What we know about what we’ve never heard: evidence from production
Jason A. Shaw (Yale University) and Shigeto Kawahara (Keio University)

Posterior affricate in Mee and consonant-vowel place interactions
Peter Staroverov (Wayne State University) and Sören E. Tebay (Leipzig University)

Introducing the Cross-Linguistic S-Cluster Inventory Database
Marissa Woods, Ashley Farris-Trimble, and Danica Reid (Simon Fraser University)

Washo vowel harmony revisited
Alan Yu, Sean Flamand, and Darby Douros (University of Chicago)