Panel discussion & student mixer

The workshop will also include a panel discussion and mixer (on Friday evening, October 5) designed to make students attending AMP 2018 aware of research opportunities relevant to the workshop theme. Invited panel members include UC San Diego faculty and students who represent different blends of these interests as well as Hannah Sande (Georgetown) and our invited speakers, Laura McPherson (Dartmouth), and Bert Remijsen (Edinburgh). Topics include:

  • Type of fieldwork (in the field or diaspora).
  • Building a database/corpus and timeframe for coding/annotating
  • How and when to collect data. Types of data. Additional training
  • Funding
  • Publication venues
  • Getting a job
  • Network and repository of information for students

We will reflect on ways to build a pipeline that can link up talented students in linguistics with the need for more and better-quality data.