Poster Session 3

Great Hall, International House, UC San Diego (map)

Sunday, October 6, 10:45pm – 12:00pm

Phonological knowledge and the role of accuracy and error consistency in speech sound acquisition following intervention
Jessica Barlow (San Diego State University) and Philip Combiths (San Diego State University / University of California, San Diego)

The prosody of Kadiwéu verbs
Michael Becker, Seoyoung Kim (Stony Brook University), and Filomena Sandalo (UNICAMP)

Binarity, branchingness and size effects
Jennifer Bellik and Nick Kalivoda (University of California, Santa Cruz)

The typology of partial geminates: new data and generalizations from Omani Mehri (Modern South Arabian)
Sabrina Bendjaballah (LLING UMR6310 CNRS & Université de Nantes)

Lingual egressive airstream harmony in beatboxing
Reed Blaylock, Nimisha Patil, Timothy Greer, and Shrikanth Narayanan (University of Southern California)

‘Markedness’ is an epiphenomenon of random phonetically grounded sound change
Ollie Sayeed and Andrea Ceolin (University of Pennsylvania)

The Role of Anti-Harmony in Learning Neutral Vowels
Sara Finley (Pacific Lutheran University)

Stress and Morphological Complexity in Brazilian Portuguese
Madeline Gilbert (New York University)

Yokuts templates are not emergent
Chris Golston (California State University Fresno) and Martin Krämer (Universitetet i Tromsø)

Morphologically-based phonological variation
Jongho Jun (Seoul National University)

Motivations for consonant epenthesis in nonstandard suffixed forms of Korean nouns
Ji Yea Kim (Stony Brook University)

Restricting the power of cophonologies: A representational solution to stem allomorphy in Uspanteko
Björn Köhnlein and Yuhong Zhu (The Ohio State University)

Evidence of phonemicization: Lax high vowels in Canadian French
Jeffrey Lamontagne (McGill University)

Variegated VC rime restrictions in Sinitic languages
Chia-chih Lo, Feng-fan Hsieh, and Yueh-chin (Chang National Tsing Hua University)

Opacity in Mojeño Trinitario Reduplication: A Harmonic Serialism Account
Christine Marquardt (University of Leipzig)

The Sweet Spot Effect: Rare Phonotactic Patterns Require Specific Lexical Frequencies
Charlie O’Hara (University of Southern California)

Phonologically Conditioned Multiple Feature Mutation in Maskelynes
Sören E. Tebay (University of Leipzig)

The Layered Phonology of Levantine Arabic Syncope
Jochen Trommer (University of Leipzig)

Reconciling CV phonotactics and high vowel deletion in Japanese
James Whang (The MARCS Institute for Brain, Behaviour & Development)

A Diachronic Counter-example to the Subset Principle: The Case of Anatolian Reduplication
Anthony D. Yates (University of California, Los Angeles) and Sam Zukoff (Princeton University)

Overlapping phonological domains in Indonesian
Joanna Zaleska (University of Leipzig)